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The Tools 
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Recovery is a way of life.  You or your loved one have lived in a very isolated life in Alcoholism and Drug Addiction.  So it is vital that one begins to reach out for support and guidance from others as soon as the feet hit outside the walls of a Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center.  You can not stay Sober alone. You need as many people in your life that support your new life of Sobriety or ones who are living the Sober life.  

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Our Process.
How we help.

Though going into a treatment program is highly advised and your start, the recovery process for alcoholism, drug addiction, is another beginning. 

The Global Breakthrough Coaches are skilled and trained to help you at any stage of your journey.

Our Core Values

We Make It Our Business To Get You The Proper Care And Support Needed For Alcohol And Substance Abuse Programs.

Holding Hands


Working with Chris made a huge impact in the first year of my recovery to get where I am today. The internal struggles I have had, Chris has shown me the tools to be able to get free from it all. He has been a big part of helping me lay a foundation in my recovery at the beginning of getting sober. I am forever grateful that I have had the chance to work with him."

 Corey G.

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