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Christopher Bowers

Christopher Bowers successfully provides customized recovery solution services for individuals and families who suffer from alcoholism, drug abuse and addiction.

Christopher has specialized in the addiction treatment field for over 34 years. He is dedicated to helping individuals who suffer from alcoholism and addiction, connecting on a deeper level through his personal recovery, personal development, and personal experience. Highly demanded and recognized as an expert in the addiction and recovery space, Christopher educates, coaches, and develops training programs for addiction treatment centers and organizations worldwide, including Australia, Central America, and Eastern Europe. 

A pioneer in personalized recovery solutions for individuals and groups, Christopher offers his services to private clients and treatment centers with customized approaches for recovery. Along with the services Global Breakthrough provides, Christopher also conducts speaker presentations, family workshops and organizational team building workshops all for the addiction treatment field and corporate industry. 

Certified as an Experiential Facilitator in 1993 with longstanding affiliation with ICF (International Coach Federation) and Coachville, Christopher has been providing recovery services for over 23 years.

In 2007 he developed and facilitated a workshop airing on the Dr. Phil Show due to his education, expert knowledge and personal experience in the recovery space. 


Christopher was honored to implement the first Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program into the Texas Department of Corrections rehabilitating inmates. Christopher was also recognized for his dedication, passion and powerful work in several educational institutions in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida and the University of South Alabama.  


Christopher has been invited as an expert speaker on several radio shows, including Texas Radio Talk, discussing topics related to drug and alcohol addiction in adolescents, conflict resolution, gang prevention and family dynamics.


Christopher Bowers, and the coaches at Global Breakthrough Education are committed to helping anyone suffering from alcoholism and addiction. 


“Together We Experience Breakthroughs and Set Lives Free.”



"My family received a very strong recommendation to use the services of Chris Bowers and it was a life changing decision.  Our daughter had completed a couple of different rehabs for drug and alcohol addiction; she was sober.  However, she was involved in a very negative co-dependent relationship and we had zero communication with her.  Chris flew to our home and did an intervention with our daughter and she agreed to work with a female coach through Chris’s company.  Chris worked directly with my husband and me.  We used his coaching techniques and strategies for two and 1/2 years.  My daughter and I are best friends and I attribute that relationship to the work that we need with Chris!"

Mary Scott F.

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