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Recovery Coach and Sober Companion

If you or a loved one has had a recovery coach, sober companion through recovery coaching and completed an alcohol or drug treatment program, that is a tremendous accomplishment and the first step in the vital direction of recovery.

You should be extremely proud of yourself or ones you love.  

Through those rough times of pain, you have surpassed the struggles, which have lead you to start your journey to a happy, joyous and more importantly a sober life.   

Life has stressors for everyone living in it!  Stressors have the ability to cause one who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction much temptation, so you must protect your new investment which is you.  If one is not applying the skills and tools relapse is right around the corner.

How we can help you Breakthrough 

Tools For Relapse Prevention and Staying Sober

One may not know this but sobriety is never a life long guarantee. No matter how strong one might think their sobriety is or how much time they have, relapse is not an uncommon occurrence at all.  The National Institution Of Drug Abuse states that 40-60 percent of patients whom have completed an Alcohol or Drug Addiction Program will relapse.  Now that might shock you but do let it detour you.  You or the loved one can minimize these odds and stay in the life of sobriety through recovery. There is no concrete absolute way with a blue print on how to stay sober from alcoholism and drug addiction forever.  It takes dedication and strenuous efforts as well as applying the skills and tools learned in Treatment to be able to cope with everyday life.  Applying the Relapse Prevention Tools which were given in Treatment will also give you and upper hand on staying sober.

Developing A Support System

Recovery is a way of life.  You or your loved one have lived in a very isolated life in Alcoholism and Drug Addiction.  So it is vital that one begins to reach out for support and guidance from others as soon as the feet hit outside the walls of a Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center.  You can not stay Sober alone. You need as many people in your life that support your new life of Sobriety or ones who are living the Sober life.  The 12 Step Programs are highly suggested to find the support, love and help you'll need.  Reaching out to others in 12 Step Recovery Program is a vital way to ensure Sobriety.  Supportive friends and family members are important but others in 12 Step base programs will give you the truth and tools you need to have.

Lending A Hand and Being Of Service To Others 

Another very important tool one must use in order to stay Sober is to volunteer to help in any way.  This is based upon the 12th Step in Recovery.  To lend a hand to anyone anywhere is the bright spot of our new way of living.  From signing up for a commitment at 12 Step base Recovery Programs, giving back to what was so freely given to you by sponsoring and helping out other suffering Alcoholic and Drug Addicts like yourself.  This will highly increase the chances of not relapse.  And at the end of the day, that is the most important goal met.  This action of helping others actually increases the self esteem and self worth of the Alcoholic and Drug Addict as well.

How To Master Self-Care

Another tool is TAKING THE UP MOST CARE OF YOURSELF.  We call this Self-Care.  When the Mind, Body and Spirit are not blocked, it much easier to have a successful life in Recovery. Continuing to work a program of action, nutrition, Exercise, rest and hobbies are all important tools that will keep the recovery process balanced and highly achievable! Speaking of hobbies, get them!  When one takes the action to attack their  Alcoholism and Drug Addiction, one must still fill the void inside the soul with healthy activities instead of destructive activities and behaviors.  Find passions you once had, strive for a healthier mind and body through exercise more often, pick up a new desire, passion or do something you've always wanted to try.  These new Self-Care hobbies will replace the destructive activities and behaviors and become the healthy habits will anyone could benefit from.

Continuing and Maintaining Spiritual Growth  

The key is staying Sober in this life of Sobriety is developing and nurturing your Spirituality.  What ever it is or looks like.  As long as you or your loved one is focusing on guidance from something bigger than yourself, your chances are much higher for long term Sobriety. Finding the Spirituality that works best for you is entirely a personal matter.  You have many different options.  Organized Religions, Yoga, Meditation and Nature.  You decide for yourself but you must continue to grow and strengthen towards this new life in Recovery. Continually growth is our aim in the recovery way of a sober life.  If one is not growing they are regressing.  Regression eventually will lead to relapse.

Practicing A Grateful Heart

Lastly, practice the Gratitude of life and loved ones.  Gratitude puts you in a positive mind frame.  A happy mind is a happy heart, which is a happy soul. Gratitude keeps you away from negative thoughts which are Alcoholics and Drug Addicts most dangerous place to be.  Try to see the best in people, places, things, ideas and situations.  When struggles come to you in Sobriety,  keeping a grateful mind will allow you to see the growth that could come the struggles in life. Continually growth is what we must aim for in order to acquire long term Sobriety. Learning to become Sober is much easier than staying Sober.  I hope these ideas, tools and concepts will give you the life, you or a loved one has always deserved to live. Just For Today Take One Step At A Time with an open heart, open mind and a helpful hand. 

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